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Have you been hearing the word "SSS", and wondering what it's all about? Are you interested in making things and trading them with others? Then you've come to the right place.

SSS is a game where we buy and sell stuff that we make, using our own money which is also called SSS. Here, you will find an overview of how SSS works, as well as tips on how you could join us, too!

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Here is a typical SSS note, worth 1 SSS. You can get these notes as payment for things you sell with other SSSians. You can then use it to buy other stuff from them.

SSS notes are printed by the SSS Bank, usually known simply as "The Bank". SSS notes come in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 50, and 100 SSS. More denominations may be added later. To confirm that notes are genuine, there is a security stamp at the back, with the SSS logo on it. Next time you meet an SSSian, you can ask them to show you the stamp so you know what it looks like.

SSS cannot be exchanged for real money like rupees, dollars or bitcoin. That's because adults tend to have a lot of that money, so they'll be able to buy everything up without doing any work. The only way to get SSS is to make products, or do some work, and get paid for it in SSS itself.

Everyone in SSS has atleast one shop, which does the actual selling of products. Earlier, there used to be physical spots where shopkeepers laid out the stuff they had to sell. Nowadays, all you need is to have a name (and, optionally, a logo), and you can start selling products under that name.

As a general rule, SSS products have to be handmade, though there are some exceptions. Xeroxing a book to make copies of it is okay. Buying chocolates with rupees and then selling them for SSS is not. There are many kinds of things you can make. Some of the things people are selling include comic-books, paper models, pencil-pouches, paper planes, bookmarks, and even sunglasses.

Joining SSS

SSS originally started out among friends. So even now, you need to know someone in SSS if you want to join. But the good thing is that sometimes people also become friends after having met each other during SSS trading. SSS sales can happen when people meet, or they can be conducted over phone, email, or post. All you need is a way to get messages across!

There is no fixed procedure for joining SSS. But if you want to do something, then here's what most people do:

Start a shop. People can buy stuff from your shop. Think of a good name for it—you can have any name. Some examples of (already used) names are:

  • Vallis Marineris (the largest valley in the solar-system)
  • Dracoshop (specialising in dragon products)
  • Spectra
  • Silver Wolf
Many people just look in the dictionary for naming ideas. There are lots of nice, unused words there.

Make a sign for your shop. You can make any sign and just write a name or design a logo and put it. You don't have to do this, but it'll attract more people.

Make some stuff to sell.

Share it! You can pay other shops to put up your advertisements or advertise in a magazine like Sirius or Aldebaran. Now, there is also SSS Today

Learn More

Now that you know the basics about SSS, it's time to start exploring! Here are some links that you may find useful.

The SSS Wiki is a community-edited wiki where you can find all the information you wanted about SSS-related topics. Found something missing? Then you can add it yourself! You can also create pages for your own shops and products, so that people know more about you and what you're selling.

The SSS Google Group is a place where SSSians have discussions and advertise their products. You can go there and request an invitation if you want to join them, too.

There are many other websites, run privately by various SSS shops. You can tell a website is an SSS website if its address ends with, but there are other websites as well. Luckily, you can search all SSS websites by using the form below!

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